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At our core, R-A-Ward is a multi-discipline marketing firm. For more than 25 years we have delivered reliable solutions to clients while employed by other firms,

We’re passionate about serving our clients and making a difference, We understand the challenges facing our clients and take pride in our track record of developing marketing programs in traditional e-commerce sectors. Recent adoption of new laws here in the Untied States makes entering the mainstream marketing channels an exciting new source of revenue for merchants who had been historically exculed
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Digital Marketing Since 1998
Mike Mackin first entered the Search Engine Optimization arena in the late 90’s as an administrator at SeachEngineForums.com now closed after the death of its founder Jim Wilson the AD MAN.
Mike moved on to become a moderator at www.webmasterworld.com and then a moderator at AbestWeb.com now closed. In 2013 Mike was named an Affiliate Marketing Legend during Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. During his many years working for clients both big and small he has been devoted to achieving remarkable results for his clients.

Ruth Ann Ward is SO PROUD to be married to Mike.....
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